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We combine academic research and business practice.
We combine academic research and business practice.


Books on the crisis ECONOMIC BOOKS
The fashionable subject of the economic literature published this year  
How quickly times change: Twelve months ago, books on the long-term development of capitalism were in the centre of the annual review in 2007. In contrast, the economic literature of the year 2008 is clearly marked by the financial and economic crisis. At least a dozen books are currently available on this subject in German language. 
A second group of books on the crisis does not search for the comprehensive explanation of the world or capitalism, but gives precise insights into the modern and partly unbelievably complex financial markets. A book by four authors of the German Institute of Corporate Finance is written in the latter fashion and contains numerous charts and information boxes, making it almost look like a textbook. Titles such as "Wie haben Hypothekenbanken Kredite vergeben" (How did mortgage banks give credits), "Welche Finanzprodukte haben Investmentbanken geschaffen" (Which financial products were created by investment banks) or "Wie sind Private-Equity-Gesellschaften und Hedge-Fonds von der Finanzkrise betroffen" (In what way are private equity corporations and hedge funds concerned by the crisis) underline the authors' claim to thoroughly analyse the matter. They achieve it marvellously, even though the book, with its detailed explanations, is not as easy a read as a book offering an analysis of the crisis in terms of economic policy. However, those who really want to know what has happened on the international financial markets in the last years will be very pleased with the book.