Mezzanine-Finanzierungen (mezzanine financing)

Mezzanine capital has also become a core element of corporate financing in Germany. By now, two product groups have developed in mezzanine: the individual and the standardised mezzanine capital. Both types of mezzanine are differently structured, are used for different purposes and are differently priced. The present book is the first to comprehensively treat individual and standardised mezzanine for practical use. The book informs in detail on the range of individual and standardised mezzanine. It does not only deal with occasions of mezzanine financing and the financing process itself, but also possibilities of recapitalisation, the legal and financial structuring and treatment of individual and standardised mezzanine products.

Furthermore, the fiscal changes of the 2008 corporate tax reform are already taken into account. Editors/authors: By Jürgen Brokamp, Düsseldorf; Dr. Dr. Dietmar Ernst, Nürtingen; Karsten Hollasch, Düsseldorf; Georg Lehmann, Krefeld; Dr. Klaus Weigel, Frankfurt am Main. For companies, financial advisors, private equity managers, banks, auditors and tax consultants, lawyers and students.