Grundzüge der Unternehmensfinanzierung (basics of corporate financing)

The introduction to corporate financing

Practical, compact and comprehensive

The reference book conveys the basics of modern corporate financing and also considers current financing forms such as private equity, mezzanine capital and acquisition financing.



The High didactic quality

is synonymous with learning achievements: Clear structures, defined learning goals, numerous illustrations as well as exercises, solutions and practical examples provide you with an easy introduction to the subject.

Corporate financing at the state of play

The 11th edition considers the most important changes in fiscal, commercial and capital market law as well as the consequences of

  • the 2008 corporate tax reform,
  • the German Accounting Modernization Act (BilMoG) and
  • the German Act to Modernize the Law Governing Private Limited Companies (MOMiG).

The ideal textbook for
students in economics at universities of cooperative education, universities of applied sciences, universities as well as participants of courses offered by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK).

"(...) Altogether, this book is highly recommended to all colleagues wanting to learn "bank speak" and aiming at a holistic consultation of independent clients." 
in: 01/03/2010