Branchenorientierte Unternehmensbewertung (industry-oriented company valuation)

This book’s aim is to emphasise the relevance of sector knowledge in order to demonstrate the influence of an industry’s particularities on planning and valuation based on specific examples.

It contains analysis of 24 industries or areas of activity from the sectors production, finance, telecommunications, IT, semiconductors, biotech, energy generation, pharmaceuticals, health, commerce, sport, container shipping, medical practice and hotel companies.

The authors of the texts are generally valuation experts at credit institutes, investment banks, auditing companies, consultancies and other relevant organizations.



Top Ten Financial Times Germany:

The basis of a well founded business valuation is a future-oriented and detailed corporate planning. A well founded corporate planning requires a profound knowledge of the industry and greatly influences the quality of the business valuation. The technical know-how is a plus, but cannot compensate deficits in sector specific knowledge.

"(...) At the latest the conclusion with the two special topics in the tenth chapter: "Wertorientierte Steuerung" (value oriented control) and in the eleventh chapter: „Bewertung mit Multiplikatoren" (valuation with multiplicators) earns the book the title „classic in business valuation". It can be recommended without any reservations."
Jörn Schulte in: Die Wirtschaftsprüfung 12/2009, on the 3rd edition 2009

"(...) The contributions are very illustrative and each written in a sector oriented way. The works and its individual contributions thus can be recommended to anyone dealing with questions of company valuation in the different industries."
Peter Bömelburg, in: Die Wirtschaftsprüfung 02/2009, on the 2nd edition 2007

"(...) Conclusively, it can be stated that the book on sector oriented company valuation by Drukarczyk and Ernst now available in the second edition is a successful development of the original concept. The expansion of the content and the book production technique are clearly discernible. Both points absolutely justify the price increase of €7 in the second edition. In any case, every contribution provides a good basis for confronting the particularities of the respective industries under valuation points of view."
Dr. Heiko Burchert, Fachhochschule Bielefeld, in: Betriebswirtschaftliche Forschung und Praxis, 03/2008, on the 2nd edition 2007

"(...) Due to the great combination of the essays, the editors Jochen Drukarczyk and Dietmar Ernst succeed in presenting a large range of industries. When reading the different essays, the reader rapidly understands that a precise knowledge of the concerned industry is essential for business valuation. (...)
In total, the book provides on its about 500 pages a broad overview of the particularities of business valuation in the different above-mentioned sectors. The individual chapters give the reader an impression of the characteristics of the respective industries and the resulting consequences for business valuation. The book is not intended as a replacement for basic literature on company valuation, but as a completion. It is thus also directed at practitioners regularly confronted with evaluating companies in different industries and looking for a fast way of approaching the specifics of the respective business environment."

Timo Kornetzki, in: Controlling & Management, 03/2007, on the 1st edition 2006