Automobilmanagement (automotive management)

»Practically-oriented textbook«
The book is aimed at students in economics, professionals and executives in the automotive industry, banks, insurances, employees in strategic, financial and controlling departments as well as management consultants.
2nd, fully reviewed edition.

The authors explain the entire economic automotive value chain and analyse all elements of this value chain in different chapters from the perspective of different financial specifics. Current trends in the field of new mobility concepts, intersectoral strategic alliances as well as requirements concerning product launches particularly in BRIC states are examined as key subjects in the global automotive industry. 

The book establishes the link between science and practice in the automotive industry and can be used as a textbook with high practice orientation.



"A huge venture: In view of the whirligig of the automotive industry, a projection to the year 2020 is an ambitious task. However, the authors are more than equal to their task, hats off! The book is a real treasure trove – not only for experts.
Wolfgang Tiefensee (MoP and former Minister of Transport 2005 – 2009)

"The book convincingly illustrates the high strategic relevance of a productive and future-proof financial service provider for any automobile manufacturer in a competitive global automotive market."
Georg Bauer, CEO Financial Services, BMW Group

Zeitschrift für die gesamte Wertschöpfungskette Automobilwirtschaft

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3. International Innovation Forum (3rd International Innovation Forum)

The study on "Automobile manufacturers in 2020" is presented on 19 May 2010 during the 3rd International Innovation Forum.
The event is held under the patronage of Detlef Wittig (responsible for international investment projects at Volkswagen Group). 

The subject of the presentation is Zukunftssicherung der Automobilhersteller: Die herstellergebundenen Finanzdienstleister als strategisches Instrument der OEM (securing the future for automobile manufacturers: the manufacturer-bound financial service providers as a strategic instrument of the OEM)


„Automobilmanagement – Die Automobilhersteller im Jahre 2020“ (automotive management – the automobile manufacturers in 2020)

Together with Mr Jens Diehlmann (Partner IBM Global Business Services, IBM Germany), the GICF conducted a study on „Automobilmanagement – Die Automobilhersteller im Jahre 2020“ (automotive management – the automobile manufacturers in 2020).
The study will be published by Oldenbourg Verlag in German and English in about six weeks' time.

On 13 April 2010, the study was presented at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich.

The study gives a projection on the future of the global key industry automotive sector as well as the interaction with the financial services industry and illustrates scenarios for the following questions:
What will be the market of automobile manufacturers be like in the future? Where are the future strategic fields of action of automobile manufacturers? Which alternative development scenarios are there? How important are the manufacturer-bound automobile financial service providers for the OEM? Which are the alternative business models for captive finance companies hereafter? Which conclusions can be drawn from the takeover battle between Porsche and Volkswagen AG?