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Finance experts worldwide are showing an increased interest in the qualification program “Certified Financial Modeler”. We strive to meet the challenges of the complex topic of financial modeling as well as the internationality of the finance sector.

The Certified Financial Modeler (program concludes with a final exam taking place at the Deutsche Börse.

The current Certified Financial Modeler program consists of one module, but we are planning to expand the Certified Financial Modeler program to include three modules based on our book “Financial Modeling – Business Excellence in Financial Management, Corporate Finance, Portfolio Management and Derivatives”.

This book is published in English by Macmillan.

The expanded version of the Certified Financial Modeler program will consist of the following three modules:

Module 1: Principles of Financial Modeling

This module focuses on the following conceptual and technical foundations of financial modeling:

  • Principles of Financial Modeling
  • Model Review
  • Financial Modeling with Excel
  • Financial Modeling with VBA

Module 2: Application of Financial Modeling

This module focuses on applying financial modeling techniques to the following financial topics:

  • Investment and Financing
  • Corporate Finance
  • Portfolio Management
  • Derivatives

Module 3: Development of a Financial Model

Within this module, candidates will create their own financial model in Excel and/or VBA with professional documentation.

Candidates can alternatively choose to write an academic paper on a financial modeling topic.

Upon passing all three modules, the candidate will receive the Certified Financial Modeler Certificate and earn the professional title Certified Financial Modeler.