We combine academic research and business practice.

German Institute of Corporate Finance

“Bridging the gap between scientific research and business practice”

  • In cooperation with Deutsche Börse, we organise Certified Financial Modeler trainings at locations in Frankfurt, Zurich, London, Paris, Hong Kong and Singapore.
  • The GICF-integrated Center for Financial Modeling further develops the discipline of financial modeling and defines its conditions.
  • As an independent institute, we deliver neutral opinions.
  • We hold conferences and seminars on current questions relative to corporate finance.
  • From an applied science perspective, we elaborate studies and books about current subjects of corporate finance.



The Certified Financial Modeler can...

  • transparently and efficiently prepare decisions by using financial modeling,
  • model practical questions in a clear and structured way,
  • efficiently use VBA programming and macros,
  • professionally present financial modeling results,
  • use financial modeling in all questions of financing practice, and
  • elaborate professional financial models in the areas of corporate finance, portfolio management and derivatives